The survey results and a new vote on Autosportlive

Итоги опроса и новое голосование на АВТОСПОРТ

Left behind an opinion poll on our website and today we will sum up the results and announce the theme for the new vote.

Recall that the question was: which of the rally RAID will you follow?

Итоги опроса и новое голосование на АВТОСПОРТ

I must admit that at first the lead in the voting released version of the “Rally-raids are not interested”, but then when the competition started, the audience was involved in the vicissitudes of the struggle, the item came down in third place with 19% votes.

The sole leader was the poll option “I Will follow both raids”. So I voted 33% of respondents, which made us happy because we fully illuminated both competitions, now passing its halfway point.

The version of “Dakar” took second place in the poll. The legendary rally-marathon watched by 26% of readers of our site – this is in addition to the 33% who watch both races.

Specifically for a marathon “Africa EKO Flight” chose to follow 15% of the respondents – apparently, this includes advocates of truly African style raids.

Well, solely the performances of the Russian athletes will observe 5% of the readers. And on our website they have something to read…

Now we are glad to present your attention a new poll!

In anticipation of the new season of Formula 1, which will be marked by serious changes in the technical regulations, we want to know whether you support the direction of technical development of the cars chosen by the leadership of the championship.

Итоги опроса и новое голосование на АВТОСПОРТ

Recall that in season 2017 and the front tyres will be wider than 60 mm (245 to 305 mm), and rear – 80 mm (from 325 to 405 mm). Increase the dimensions of the chassis and design of the spoiler. All this should significantly increase the mechanical grip and to change the aerodynamic balance of the cars, while the average speed of vehicles is expected to grow.

Somebody’s happy to these initiatives, others argue that due to the speed increase to overtake the drivers will become even more difficult, which will make the race more boring.

What do you think?

The question we have formulated in the following way: “do you Support the new technical regulations of F1?”

The following options:
1) Yes, I’m all for wide tires and high speed!
2) No, racing will become more boring.
3) whatever you do, Mercedes will be ahead.
4) Any changes to the F1 regulations are going to benefit.
5) do Not follow the rules, I just love racing.

If we did not realize, write your opinion in the comments to this news, we will listen to your position.

Also in the comments you, as always, can offer their own options to the survey, which we will hang the next time.

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