The strangest and most fun versions of the helmet design for Lewis Hamilton fans

Самые странные и веселые варианты дизайна шлема Льюиса Хэмилтона от болельщиков

Last week, triple world champion Lewis Hamilton has asked his followers on Instagram to help him with the design of the helmet for the season 2017.

Using the hash tag #LH44Design anyone can offer your own version. Of course, the initiative of the British to organize a competition deserves praise, but it seems that not all participants strive to win and come up with pretty strange ideas…

We offer you a selection of the most ridiculous, unusual and fun options.

Some people aren’t taking the #LH44Design competition very seriously… #f1 #lewishamilton #mercedesf1 #teamlh

Photos published WTF1 (@wtf1official) Jan 31 2017 5:11 PST

And this is only the beginning…

#lh44design @lewishamilton

Photo published by RAHMAT ACK SIWI (@rsiwiack_28) Jan 31 2017 at 5:29 PST

Looking at the helmet, Lewis will not only have to remember the beginning of his career in karting, but the friendship with Nico Rosberg.

#lh44design @lewishamilton#TeamLH#lh44design @mercedesAMGF1 Esse capacete está com design de tdos os países que o campeonato will nesse ano de 2017 .

Photo published by Leticia Tavares (@letavaressp) Jan 26 2017 at 4:59 PST

Gerhard Berger in his time were in the helmet with images of national flags, but of course not as many.


A photo posted by Mike Bray (Trek) (@trekboy101) Jan 28 2017 at 4:33 PST

This option deserves attention. Lewis’s mom and the inscription: “There is nothing like the love of mother and son.”

#lh44design @lewishamilton

A photo posted by GREG (@g.p.robertson) Jan 27 2017 at 5:04 PST

#lh44design @lewishamilton

A photo posted by GREG (@g.p.robertson) Jan 27 2017 5:03 PST

The design of the helmet rather would have liked, the seven-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi, once made a picture of his own face with an open mouth at the top of the helmet.

Inspired by all the things in which you believe and represent. . . . SENNA: “I am not designed for come second or third. I am designed to win.”. . . MUHAMMAD ALI: “I dont wantto be you. I want to be me.” . @lewishamilton . #LH44design

Photos published Aracena Ignacio José Domínguez (@ignacioda91) Jan 29 2017 10:37 PST

A tribute to two heroes of Lewis, Ayrton Senna and Muhammad Ali.

Wij willen ook meespelen. #LH44Design

Photo published by TopGear Nederland ( Jan 31 2017 5:16 PST

Good joke, but no more…

@lewishamilton #LH44Design option4

Photos published Gavin Keith Hough (@gkh_1) Jan 30 2017 at 2:46am PST

Original – all tracks of the championship in one place.

@lewishamilton #lh44design @LH44Design #lewishamilton #ram #capricorn #personalisedhelmet #F1 #firsttime #tattooist #fingerscrossed #dreaming @ffformula.1 @f1 @mercedesamgf1 #iPad Pro #upadsketch #freehand #customforlewis #tattoostyle #ramyourwaybacktothetop #ram #capricorntattoo

Photos published Allez Francesca (@fallez89) Jan 30 2017 at 2:10 PST

Apparently, this option is associated with the fact that Lewis is a Capricorn by horoscope.

#lh44design #TeamLH #design @monsterenergy @mercedesamgf1 @bellhelmetseurope @bose @epsonf1

Photos published Syahada Dirga Chaniago (@dirrechaniago) Jan 30 2017 12:37 PST

“Eat, sleep, race”.

#lh44design My design for the @lewishamilton”s 2017 season

Photo published James Howlett (@clear_as_night) Jan 29 2017 at 3:13 PST

Hamilton, of course, loves the tigers, but hardly so…

Wir wollten uns auch mal am Wettbewerb beteiligen @lewishamilton #lh44design #f1 #formula1 #helmet #f1brosleague

Photos published Bros F1 League (@f1brosleague) Jan 27 2017 6:49 PST

After you select such a design of the helmet Nico Rosberg will forget all past grievances.

Самые странные и веселые варианты дизайна шлема Льюиса Хэмилтона от болельщиков

Maybe it is not necessary to remind Lewis about the race in Baku is the only stage in the championship where he has never won?

Самые странные и веселые варианты дизайна шлема Льюиса Хэмилтона от болельщиков

And this design was approved even Nico Rosberg.

“Looks good,” wrote the world champion in 2016.

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