The FIA is ready to consider alternatives “halo”

FIA готова рассмотреть альтернативы «ореолу»

The FIA is ready to consider alternatives to the “halo” — a device designed to protect the head of the rider, according to

Last year Red Bull introduced the concept of a protective screen, however the project was canceled after not passed the mandatory FIA test.

Last season all the riders tested the halo during Friday’s training, so that everyone can evaluate their feelings from the fixture.

Despite the fact that many “halo” appeared to be comfortable, still high percentage of those among riders and fans, who doubts the correctness of this concept.

Director FIA safety Laurent Mekis acknowledged that while the Federation was satisfied with the work done on the “halo”, but other possible alternatives, such as, for example, a protective screen, are also not excluded.

“No, we have not abandoned this concept, stated Makes during the Autosport International show. — From a technical point of view this is possible because the development will take about six months.

We’re waiting for the user to finally decide what it wants, be it “halo,” a protective screen or something. Perhaps they want something more aesthetically pleasing, even if it is more expensive. All subject to review”.

So far, the implementation of a protective concept is planned for 2018, however not all details were agreed.

“Engineering work has been done, and now all conversations are philosophical in nature — continued Makes. — You should decide do we want that in F1? Does the innovation its spirit?

It is clear that cars will be safer, but then you have to accept the fact that they will no longer open.

So after all does it need? Interested parties should answer this question. Now all this discuss”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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