Stoffel Vandorn In F1 were not allowed to ride most of the Japanese tracks

Стоффель Вандорн: В Ф1 не позволили бы гоняться на большинстве японских трасс

The pilot of McLaren Stoffel Vandorn told about the peculiarities of the Japanese series Superformula, where he spent last season.

Belgian, combining the participation with the responsibilities of the reserve racer team from Woking, played for team Dandelion, used Honda motors, and won two races, and the championship was fourth.

“This was the best of all available, – said Vandorn in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – In this series a great car, and I worked with Honda mechanics that helped me to build good relationships with them.

Had to adjust to the time zone, but I enjoyed the time in Japan. I especially liked the local race tracks – real tracks of the old school without any of the departure areas. They are not like new tracks where every lap you can do whatever you want, because in case of mistakes you can easily avoid the consequences, including due to the huge areas of departure.

For example, in SOHO is an amazing place – a 180-degree turn, which is passed at a speed of 240 km/h. At the same time right in the middle there is a huge bump, and the side herbal the relegation zone with a size of one meter and then the wall.

On the tracks of the old school, it is important to be constantly on the alert, and when it is possible is to make a circle, you feel great satisfaction. But in Formula 1 would not allow the holding of races on most Japanese tracks.

Also the Belgian shared his impressions of the Yokohama tires used in the Japanese series.

“Of course, it’s the other tires – in the sense that they are what should be! he said. – To qualify Yokohama provides special compound that allows you to drive very fast on one lap. And in the race on one set to go 40 laps, and the difference in time passage of the circle will be only 0.2 seconds”.

As for Formula 1, Vandorn, who in 2017, replaced in the McLaren of Jenson Button, admitted that he does not like the current system of fines.

“Punishment is inconsistent – at each stage accept different solutions. Briefings on this issue is regularly raised, but the racers still don’t understand what you can and cannot do, ‘ said Stoffel. – Let us give freely to chase. We are all adults, and none of us wants confrontations. In the end, even with a damaged wing is fraught with gathering. I think this should contribute to and track. The error should result in loss of time or even the departure from the road, not leaving the paved strip.

Of course, no one would do such tracks as before, because safety is paramount and the last thing we all want to see is a severe accident. But on the other hand, when there is no risk, it is not so interesting.”

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