Sebastian Vettel before the Race of Champions: Pilots important time to find an excuse

Себастьян Феттель перед Гонкой чемпионов: Пилотам главное вовремя найти оправдание

After the first training within the limits of passing these days in Miami Racing Champions Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has shared his thoughts about the features of the event.

Race of Champions is back!

Four-time world champion admitted that he wants to repeat last year’s London triumph.

“For several years I tried to win the Race of Champions, and after the victory in London was very happy to go home with the Cup, — said Sebastian after a workout at the baseball stadium Marlins Park in Miami. — It’s good to participate in this event, meet other riders in a new atmosphere, not as intense as the competition.

Of course, at the start everyone wants to win, but outside of the track and the atmosphere is very relaxed”.

A 42-time winner of racing’s Grand Prix seven times already acted in the Race of Champions.

“This special format many like — continued Vettel. — Need to adapt quickly because we are on a different technique. We have no time to think, so we rely solely on gut instinct. In the end, emerge all in different ways.

However, the most important thing for the riders — time to find the right excuse. Last time in London was too cold. In Miami if something goes wrong, you will all be blamed on the heat.”

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