Ross Brawn has refused to compare Lewis Hamilton with Michael Schumacher

Росс Браун отказался сравнивать Льюиса Хэмилтона с Михаэлем Шумахером

The former head of the Mercedes Ross brown refused to talk about the person who has made a greater contribution to the current success of the German team – Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher.

“Honestly, it’s hard for me to draw Parallels between them in this regard, brown said in an interview with ESPN. Michael already had the experience of building a team like he did in Ferrari. He created all the base settings.

Lewis never had to do this. Not because he cannot do it, but because he just had to do it. Of course, Lewis has contributed to the success of the Mercedes, but he did not build the team, as did Schumacher in the Ferrari in the late 1990s”.

Ross also said that Michael will forever be a special pilot for him.

“He loved racing cars and was able to use the slightest opportunity to achieve the result – continued brown. – He was able to motivate himself and the team, and has always been in perfect physical shape, becoming a reference for other F1 racers.

In addition, he was always a team player. This all made him a seven-time world champion.”

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