Ron Dennis had a fight with David Beckham in Maldives

Рон Деннис поругался с Дэвидом Бекхэмом на Мальдивах

The former head of McLaren, Ron Dennis had a quarrel with his equally famous compatriot David Beckham, reports the Daily Mail.

The fact that the two stars along with their friends celebrated the New year in a luxury resort One & Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives.

After dinner, Dennis and those close to him person in the amount of 30 people took their seats to view the festive presentation. It turned out that the people Ron took the space reserved for the friends of Beckham and well-known British restaurateur Gordon Ramsay.

The woman from the environment, Beckham has asked Dennis to freeing his people, on which hung signs that prove their belonging to guests of David.

Dennis refused to vacate the place, arguing that he spent a lot of money to be at the celebration.

The situation had to intervene himself, Beckham: it is reported that David and Ron were arguing in public, did not mince words.

It is reported that the next day Dennis apologized for his behavior.

“Yes, they spoke in a raised voice, but this story greatly inflated. They’ve known each other,” said one of the friends of Dennis.

Note that two as Dennis and Beckham is about one billion pounds.

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