Red Bull will continue to use the controversial concept of the suspension in 2017

Red Bull продолжит использовать спорный концепт подвески в 2017-м

As informs German edition Auto Bild, Red Bull Racing will continue to use the controversial concept of the suspension in the upcoming season.

Earlier it was reported that the Mercedes hydraulic system simulating active suspension was banned after Ferrari sent a letter of complaint to the FIA.

Chief designer Simone Resta, Scuderia demanded explanations at the expense of legality of use of this system, in fact repeating a disallowed construct FRIC, only without connecting the front and rear axles.

La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that the FIA was opposed to the use of the system, like Mercedes and Red Bull.

However, the journalists Auto Bild are confident that the FIA banned the use of only the proposed Scuderia option for 2017.

Motorsport consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marco said: “We can still use such a suspension, though not the fact that we choose this option.”

Gustav Brunner, a former designer of F1, on the issue of the situation said in an interview with Speed Week: “I Think, no problems in Australia will not, because everyone will choose this approach.”

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