Pirelli will conduct additional tests rain rubber

Pirelli проведет дополнительные тесты дождевой резины

Pirelli received permission to conduct additional tests with the rain rubber, to prepare better for the upcoming season.

After last year’s Grand Prix of Brazil, many have criticized the work with the rain rubber Pirelli, which could not evacuate enough water and slowly warmed.

The new rain rubber in the upcoming season will be the focus of attention, as it now launches in the rain will pass from the scene, even if the first few laps the peloton was moving behind the safety car. The final rule must be signed by the world Council of Motorsport.

After discussing this issue at a meeting of the F1 Commission in Geneva on Tuesday, it was decided to give Pirelli the opportunity to conduct additional test with the rain rubber.

The two-day test will also be held with the participation of one of the modified cars-2015 Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull Racing. It is not known where will be the test.

Last week, the head of Motorsport Pirelli Paul Chambre in an interview AUTOSPORT.com admitted that the company intends to improve warm-up characteristics of wet tyres, whereas the intermediate data of rubber tire until satisfied.

“This season we will continue to work on the rain rubber, to accelerate its warming, said Chambre. — This is especially important in the context of starts.

We were asked not to change intermediate tyres, and only work with indicators with the rain rubber.

We will try to do to the car was easier to control when there is oversteer. This is what we are now working”.

In addition to the additional test wet-weather tyres, the F1 Commission also approved plans to conduct 25-day testing tyres for the upcoming season. They will involve at least eight teams. Besides, after the season, too, will be a one – or two-day tests.

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