Paul Hembry F1 can turn into a pursuit

Пол Хембри: Ф1 может превратиться в гонки преследования

In Pirelli consider, that the new technical regulations in 2017 can not solve a problem with the spectacle of F1 racing.

Despite the fact that the tire supplier has changed the basic concept of their products, which will now become more rigid and less wear to the pilots were able to give our best, the head of the Motorsport Department of the company Paul admits that it can cause “tram race”.

“I think the pilots will enjoy the new cars because they will be much faster. Racers will finally feel the load, which in F1 was not long ago – quoted Chambre – However, the number of overtaking in such conditions is reduced.

If the new speed will provide a competitive struggle in the peloton, we can hope to increase the entertainment, if no, we are waiting for the race when the cars will follow each other”.

Pirelli came into the sport in 2011 with the concept of tires which will wear out quickly, and in the first seven races of the 2012 season, there were seven different winners.

“I think the situation is the opposite, however, we were asked to do, he continued Paul. – F1 asked us to create wearing rubber in 2011, and now we were given another task.

We’re just trying to give the sport what he wants. Of course, every approach has its pros and cons. Correct was this decision will become clear after the first five or six races of the season.

We, in turn, did everything possible to increase the number of overtaking manoeuvres: thermal overheating of the rubber significantly decreased as the level of wear. So now to beat the opponent, the pilot can operate more aggressively, and thus he needn’t worry about overheating the tires.

This should allow the pilot to make aggressive maneuvers. On the other hand, some of the turns, the riders will fly at full throttle, which does not contribute to the overtaking”.

Пол Хембри: Ф1 может превратиться в гонки преследования

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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