Paddy Lowe is still negotiating with Williams

Пэдди Лоу до сих пор ведет переговоры с Williams

The German edition Auto Motor Und Sport reports that Williams still can’t agree on the terms of the contract with paddy Lowe.

The Briton resigned from the post of technical Director of Mercedes on 10 January, but since no news of his move to Williams was not, despite the fact that earlier the press claimed that the deal to lo and the transfer of Valtteri Bottas from Williams to Mercedes interconnected.

According to the source, Williams wants Lowe was replaced by Pat Symonds for the post of technical Director, but the paddy crave a more responsible role for the head of the team. However at the moment this post is Claire Williams.

In addition, a source in the Force India doubts that the former technical Director may so soon to occupy a senior position in another team, so how can he be a carrier of secret information from Mercedes. Previously F1 team considered the introduction of the potential of the ban: the technical Director can’t work in another team for one year after leaving the last job, as chief engineer and engineers of the Department of aerodynamics – six months.

However in the end the FIA decided to abandon such innovations. Thus, if the Mercedes and Williams agree among themselves, then Lowe’s can begin its work immediately.

At the same time James Allison, who, according to media reports, should become the new technical Director of Mercedes, you will not be able to proceed with his duties until March 2017, because his former employer, namely Ferrari, imposed a ban on the transfer of the British to another team before then.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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