Nick Chester: In 2017 to overtake will become more difficult

Ник Честер: В 2017-м обгонять станет сложнее

Renault technical Director Nick Chester believes the new technical regulations in 2017 will hinder the overtaking in F1.

“A larger machine to create a more aerodynamic effect, which prevents the prosecution of one car to the other, – said 48-year-old Chester in an interview This can make it difficult to overtake in F1”.

In addition, Nick believes that the new regulation is a serious challenge for engineers.

“The biggest challenge in F1 in my memory – continued Chester. – This is not the conventional prohibition on the use of exhaust systems, interacting with diffusers, and the introduction of a new front wing.

Now changes significantly the structure of the front wing, diffuser, chassis, tyres and aerodynamics. This creates additional opportunities in the areas in which we are allowed to work.

It is interesting that usually the FIA is doing everything possible to reduce downforce, and then they first decided to increase its level.

Under normal conditions we work in areas which are familiar. But this time we need to create something completely new. There are many ways of achieving this, but you need to choose only one of them. The most important thing in this matter – to choose the right concept”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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