Martin Brundle Valtteri bottas will be the nowhere to hide in the Mercedes

Мартин Брандл: Валттери Боттасу будет негде скрыться в Mercedes

Former F1 racer Martin Brundle is convinced that Valtteri the Bottom will literally have nowhere to hide because of his move to Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas was the driver of the Mercedes

“Bottas has the speed, but things can change when a driver gets behind the wheel of this car from which everyone is waiting for victories and the championship, — said Brundle during the Autosport International ahead of the official announcement, Valtteri, as reported In such a situation literally no place to hide, but I think of Valtteri strong enough psyche to handle.

Lewis is a man who will say: “Let him come any racer, I’m still going faster”, but, if, say, the team there would be pilots like Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel, then it would not be so obvious.

At the end of the season everything becomes more interesting, as many riders over the contracts.”

Brandl added that does not understand the decision Nico Rosberg to retire from F1 immediately after winning the title. He believes that this could have a negative impact on the Mercedes.

“The difficult situation can affect the Mercedes for a couple of seasons — continued Brandl. — I admire the courage of Niko, who admitted that he has achieved everything he wanted and therefore decided to retire on top form — it’s a brave decision.

But where is the passion, devotion? The desire to show the world that you are the best driver driving the best car and the same team?

Most would give anything to spend at least one season. If you get to the top, enjoy the view and glee from below. Should not immediately go down the Elevator or use the emergency exit.

I respect his decision, but that does not mean that you understand him”.

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