Kevin Magnussen With the new regulations, riders will depend much more

Кевин Магнуссен: С новым регламентом от гонщиков будет зависеть гораздо больше

Haas rookie Kevin Magnussen admitted that due to the new rules, racers will again be the determining element in the final result.

In season 2017 cars will change their aerodynamics, and the tires will be much wider in comparison with last year, resulting in average speed will increase by about five seconds per lap.

“If the machines really are faster, the riders will depend much more — said Magnussen in an interview with Sky Sports. — With the old cars had to sacrifice something, and because of problems with rubber, limited traction and high power often slip.

I hope the cars of the new season we will think about how to act at the limit. In such circumstances, compromises no one will care. Much nicer to drive, where you can endlessly attack than those where it is constantly necessary to choose the right compromise.”

Magnussen also hoped that the new regulations really going to shuffle the starting grid.

“Will surprise with Red Bull, — said the Dane. — When the victory will fight only one team will become much more interesting. I hope that Ferrari will also be able to add.

We will be the most difficult with all the right understand and to understand how that works, because we have a small team, which cannot afford to analyze every detail.

So we will have to work hard to achieve a result. I hope we get a great car.”

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