Jos Verstappen: Max is practicing to exhaustion

Йос Ферстаппен: Макс тренируется до изнеможения

The father of the Red Bull Racing driver max Verstappen Jos told me that his son on the eve of the start of the new season of F1 holds in the gym all the time.

Given the fact that this year the cars will be much more demanding to the racers, many were forced to raise their physical form.

“Every night, Max just exhausted lying on the couch, said Jos in an interview with Ziggo Sport Total. — But it’s a good thing, because it is more silent!

Max, of course, a quiet person, but I feel that he is full of enthusiasm because of the high expectations of Red Bull”.

Jos also said that realized his dream to bring his son into Formula 1, so I decided to retire and not to push it: “I always wanted to bring max in Formula 1. All the work is done, he has already established himself as a top pilot, and I don’t have forever for all to attend.

At Red Bull he’s in good hands, everything is perfectly organized. I told him not be so necessary as before. Of course, I’m still near, but not over the top.

Of course, I miss max. In a recent conversation with the daughter we came to the conclusion that it is strange that Max is not with us — but he has now another life in Monte Carlo and there are no free minutes”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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