Honda changed the configuration of the engine before the season-2017

Honda изменила конфигурацию двигателя перед сезоном-2017

Honda has decided for the upcoming season to change the architecture of the engine to solve the problem of the backlog from other manufacturers.

Many assumed that Japanese motorists will decide on such changes, however, the scale of the revisions became known only now.

Honda returned to Formula 1 at the beginning of the 2015 season with the most compact concept engine in the peloton. In particular, the turbine and the compressor were located in a V-shaped collapse of the cylinders of the V6 engine.

McLaren technical Director Tim Goss in an interview to the official website of the McLaren confirmed that Honda peritonektomie the powertrain ahead of the new season.

Such a step became possible due to the abolition of the system of tokens, and now the new power plant Honda was very similar to the successful concept of the engine of Mercedes.

“The system of tokens, severely limiting the development of engines the last two seasons, was finally abolished, said Goss. — So we were able to 2017, to change the design and layout of the engine, to obtain the increase of power.

The experience of the last two seasons influenced the process of developing the new engine, but new engine has been redesigned specifically for this season.”

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