Flavio Briatore, Along with Bernie Ecclestone F1 in crisis are guilty of the FIA and the teams

Флавио Бриаторе: Наравне с Берни Экклстоуном в кризисе Ф1 виновны FIA и команды

Italian businessman Flavio Briatore thinks F1 will lose from the departure of Bernie Ecclestone from leadership positions.

During the week it became known that the American company Liberty Media finalized the acquisition of 100% of the commercial rights of F1. Simultaneously it became known that the post of head of management of Large Prizes left 86-year-old Ecclestone.

“What do I think about leaving Ecclestone? It is quite normal when a new owner makes changes to the management structure, but I believe that the dismissal of Bernie was short-sighted step, said Flavio in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. – What can I say about buying? While that is a successful deal, but you need to understand that the contours of F1 becoming a blur.

Most teams are experiencing financial difficulties, the tracks go from the sport: Silverstone and Malaysia may leave F1, and for Singapore it will be the last year. How sport can exist in such conditions?

You need to make it so that F1 became the championship of pilots, not engineers. Liberty Media as soon as possible to remove the current powerplant because at the end of last era motors in one second can fit 12 cars.

What happened was not only Ecclestone, but also the FIA, and the teams that voted for the beginning of an era of power plants. It’s not played into the hands of anyone, and only raised costs. In General, all the problems started from the moment when they destroyed FOTA [in 2009]. If the organization existed now, it would not have made such changes in the regulations.”

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