Derek Warwick: Charlie whiting personally asked me to work as a steward in Australia

Дерек Уорик: Чарли Уайтинг лично попросил меня поработать стюардом в Австралии

F1 steward Derek Warwick said FIA race Director Charlie whiting personally asked him to come for the Grand Prix of Australia, because it will be the first race under the new regulations, according to

The former F1 driver will continue to play the role of steward of the FIA in this season.

“This year I come to four races, said Warwick. — Charlie personally asked me to come to Australia because it will be the first race with the new regulations.

Honestly, looking forward to it. I do not pay for it, but I get enormous pleasure from the fact that F1 can give something in return. In the office of stewards presented a huge amount of information: pressure brake, the steering angle, the output speed of rotation. All we need is immediate.

We have engineer, recording every detail, so we always have something to revise.

On the track installed 60 cameras, plus the cameras on the cars, so we can analyze each incident.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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