Christian Horner: All changes in 2017 — a solid show

Кристиан Хорнер: Все изменения 2017 года — сплошная показуха

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner at the end of last year in an interview admitted that Formula 1 needs much greater changes than those scheduled for season 2017.

“We are now in the show – said Horner. I’m still for the return of powerful and noisy engines, which are capable of its sound to evoke emotion.

After all, it’s in the blood of Formula 1.

When Honda Japan started the McLaren of Ayrton Senna with a V10 engine, each employee of the boxes came out to see how this car goes through the pit lane.

Formula 1 has missed this, so in the long term you need to think about this question.

Of course, the technology of the current engines are great and very challenging, but absolutely in this case incomprehensible to the ordinary person in the stands who came to watch the race.

We must again make the Formula 1 entertainment, and this is largely possible due to the engine”.

The current turbo engines will last at least until 2020. In the near future to begin negotiations on the further vector of development of sports.

Christian Horner also added that the teams should not affect decision-making in Formula 1, so that the user can focus on long-term planning.

“I have always believed that you need to look far ahead, not being distracted by what’s happening right now, — continued the Horner. — Issue commands — and we are also to blame — in an attempt to maintain their competitiveness.

Why in the next five years to get rid of wind tunnels, not to restrict the use of computational fluid dynamics and does not return to normal naturally aspirated engine with a standard hybrid technology or KERS?

This will make the show more interesting and significantly reduce costs.

Otherwise, it is likely that Formula 1 will lose its novelty and become quite “stale”.

I hope that F1 will be a little bit less predictable with the new rules. This would have pleased the spectators, teams and riders”.

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