Bob bell: Progress Honda is impressive

Боб Белл: Прогресс Honda впечатляет

Renault technical Director Bob bell believes that Honda has achieved significant success in the second half of 2016.

The Japanese manufacturer returned to F1 with McLaren in 2015, but the first season after the return was disastrous: the Honda engine was not only the low-power, but also the most unreliable in the peloton.

In 2016, the situation has improved, however in the camp of the British team hoping for an even greater increase in power.

“Progress Honda can not fail to impress – said bell in an interview They did a great job. Nice to see that Honda rises to the top.

It is important that in F1 all suppliers of power plants was on the level, because the heart of the manufacturers road cars, much closer to the motor than chassis. It is important that manufacturers also remained in F1: they should feel that they produce quality and competitive products”.

Earlier, the head of Motorsport division, Honda Yusuke Hasegawa recognized that the Japanese motors are still inferior in power to Mercedes and Ferrari, but when asked whether Honda to close the gap on the leaders, he replied: “I believe that. From the point of view of engine power we set ourselves specific goals, focusing on Mercedes and Ferrari. Our goal is to overtake them in 2017, to get to the level where they are now. But it’s hard to say how they will add”.

Hasegawa also said that often in qualifying mode engine power Honda limited.

“Sometimes we have to limit their maximum power in qualifying. As long as we’re not the best, I don’t know how many more restrictions do we have to use,” said Yusuke.

Боб Белл: Прогресс Honda впечатляет

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