Bernie Ecclestone I am not the one dictating the terms in F1

Берни Экклстоун: Теперь уже не я диктую условия в Ф1

After the deal to acquire the commercial rights of F1 company Liberty Media has been approved by all parties, the press has spread rumors that Bernie Ecclestone will be forced to leave the post of head of management of Large Prizes.

Bernie Ecclestone may leave Formula 1

He 86-year-old Ecclestone admits his departure from the sport, but no concrete date is not called.

“It is expected that the acquisition of the commercial rights should be finalized in three to four weeks, said Bernie in an interview with the Press Association. Is my future in this project? Let’s see how will be built by the company.

There is not I dictate the terms. Now it all boils down to what path they want to go. This is something that sooner or later would have happened. In any case, we needed to agree this in case of my death or something.

When we realized that these people really want to buy the company, we took a step back, saying, “Let us wait, because they have their own company, and now only they decide who and what they want””.

Bernie also commented on the approval of the transaction by the FIA.

The FIA has approved the sale of the commercial rights of F1 Liberty Media

“The FIA had no choice – continued Ecclestone. – There is no way they could prevent it. Their word could be decisive only if buyers of F1 were the bandits.

We met only because it was necessary to make changes in the contract, FOM, and they were all approved. Nothing more.”

When 86-year-old Manager was asked whether Liberty Media the rightful owner of F1 before the start of season 2017 in Melbourne, he replied: “Yes. Of course. 100%”.

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