An overview of social networks: How F1 racers started in 2017?

Обзор соцсетей: Как гонщики Ф1 начали 2017 год?

After the Christmas and new year F1 fans are already looking forward to the new season-2017, which, according to the new rules, cars will go to four seconds faster.

The pilots in one voice say that in anticipation of the pre-season tests they need to dial in the perfect physical form, as new cars will be more demanding of riders.

Let’s see who among them has already begun intensive training, and who is enjoying the last days of vacation before returning to the competitive world of Big Prizes.

Video: Lewis Hamilton drives on a snowmobile

Daniel Quat My girlfriend? She comes from a family Pique, as you know

The pilot Haas Romain Grosjean met on 1 January with the sun in the mountains…

… then successfully made a game room for children…

… and two days ago, already sat on the bike.

His new teammate Kevin Magnussen trains tirelessly.

After a fun new year celebration…

2016 has been fast. 2017 will be even faster! 😜💪🏻🏎 Wish you all a great party and a happy new year! 🎉💃

Photos published Nico Hülkenberg (@hulkhulkenberg) Dec 31 2016 at 2:17 PST

… Nico Hulkenberg moved on to the workout…

Stay Hungry!! Focus!

Photos published Nico Hülkenberg (@hulkhulkenberg) Jan 7 2017 7:55 PST

Running my socks off!!

Photos published Nico Hülkenberg (@hulkhulkenberg) 9 Jan 2017 11:53 PST

But his former teammate at Force India Sergio Perez started the new year in a pensive mood.

Empezando un 2017 lleno de sueños y retos por cumplir! • starting in 2017, the full of dreams and challenges, ready to make them happen! #nevergiveup 💪

Photos published Checo Pérez (@schecoperez) 6 Jan 2017 10:59 PST

In between workouts Jolyon Palmer decided to showcase the beautiful Bay views in Thailand.

Loving island life 👌🏝🇹🇭 #PhiPhi #thailand #paradise

Photo published by Jolyon Palmer (@jolyon_palmer) Jan 2 2017 2:29 PST

Max Verstappen has already worked on the simulator…

… and in the gym.

No pain, No gain #keeppushing

Photos published Max Verstappen (@maxverstappen1) Jan 9 2017 10:05 PST

Daniel Riccardo released his “training the beast”…


Photos published Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) Jan 5 2017 2:08 PST

Been getting after it all week. No different Sunday morning. Only the beginning

Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) Jan 7 2017 5:55 PST

… and in this photo you can appreciate the new haircut of Australian.

Thinking of entering some wet t-shirt contests..

Photos published Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) Jan 10 2017 3:20 PST

Pascal Wehrlein beginning of the year held on the island of Mauritius, where his mother was.

I wish everyone a happy new year! Finished my last day in my moms home country Mauritius🇲🇺we had a great time! Focus on the season now!

Photos published Pascal Wehrlein (@pascal_wehrlein) Jan 1 2017 11:24 PST

We all know that Felipe Massa will be back in F1, right? And while the Brazilian is enjoying a vacation with your family and son…

Feliz ano novo a todos @raffamassa #Felipinho ❤ this muita paz saúde e alegria a todos sempre . Happy new year everyone peace and great things in 2017 . ❤ This ❤ it’s amazing 2017

Photo published by Felipe Massa (@massafelipe19) Dec 31 2016 at 8:59 PST

Happy new year 😜😜😜

Photo published by Felipe Massa (@massafelipe19) Dec 31 2016 at 9:16 PST

Oowwwwww !!

Photo published by Felipe Massa (@massafelipe19) 3 Jan 2017 1:36 PST

… and don’t forget about keeping in shape.

Pegando pesado hj para poder comer bem amanha !! @coachsergiousa @alexandrebaldy Training hard today and ready to eat well tomorrow!!! 👍👍👍🇺🇸

Photo published by Felipe Massa (@massafelipe19) Jun 30 2016 at 7:42 PST

Valtteri Bottas, it seems, is preparing to become a partner Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. To compete with three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton need to be in perfect physical shape…

First training camp of 2017 started yesterday! 💪🏼 @anttivierula #firstofmany #VB77 #F1

Photos published Valtteri Bottas (@valtteribottas) 3 Jan 2017 11:46 PST

5 days. 12 training sessions. Feeling great 👍🏼 #trainingcamp #nastola #F1 #VB77

Photos published Valtteri Bottas (@valtteribottas) Jan 6 2017 7:07 PST

… and you can play adored by all Finnish hockey.


Photos published Valtteri Bottas (@valtteribottas) Jan 7 2017 2:08 PST

The first days of the new year Stoffel Vandorn spent on the island of Bali…

📸🌅🌏 #Bali #indonesia #Sunset

Photos published Stoffel Vandoorne (@svandoorne) Jan 3 2017 3:44 PST

… where surfing…

Surf day 🏄🌊 #Bali #Indonesia #Surf

Photos published Stoffel Vandoorne (@svandoorne) Jan 4 2017 3:36 PST

… and some pictures of the local flora…

Last day in Bali capturing the beautifull nature 🍀📸 #Bali #Indonesia

Photos published Stoffel Vandoorne (@svandoorne) 4 Jan 2017 11:41 PST

… but vacation always ends and starts the training camp in Spanish Marbella.

Marbella training week wouldn’t be the same without a ride to #Istan!

Photos published Stoffel Vandoorne (@svandoorne) Jan 9 2017 11:08 PST

Fernando Alonso has already gone to training camp, but where he went is not said. “He flew away, but promised to come back.” Hispanic refers to physical training very seriously and wrote that selfie of him we will not see until February as he’ll be busy training.

You see it starts to un intenso mes de puesta a punto física y mental para un nuevo reto en este 2017. Desconectado Estaré hasta principios de febrero. Hasta entonces… 🙏____________ It begins an intense month of physical and mental preparations for a new challenge in this 2017. I will be off social until the beginning of February. Until then…see you!! ________________________________ #14 #fa14 #mclaren #honda #f1 #circuitoymuseofernandoalonso #liberbank #karting #kartingschool #museo #preparation

Photo published by Fernando Alonso (@fernandoalo_oficial) Jan 5 2017 7:54 PST

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