Ross Brawn: Mercedes Current success is largely the merit of Schumacher

Росс Браун: Сегодняшний успех Mercedes – во многом заслуга Шумахера

The former head of the Mercedes Ross brown said that the legacy of Michael Schumacher continues to be felt in Formula 1.

In an interview with CNN on the occasion of three years after an accident at a ski resort, when Michael received a serious head injury, brown noted that largely thanks to the work of Schumacher of Mercedes was able to achieve its current dominant position.

Three years have passed since the tragic incident with Michael Schumacher

“Michael has made a significant contribution to the organization and structure of Mercedes, which eventually led to success, – said brown. – He helped in their time to succeed the Ferrari and Mercedes he did not change his approach.

Thanks to their knowledge and experience, he could explain to the staff exactly what was needed. Today the success of Mercedes has not been without its influence.”

Brown also added that, amazed at how the family of Michael cope with the situation: “the Accident affected the family, but what they’ve achieved – I’m not just talking about Mick [who will speak in 2017 in the European F3], but also about the success of the Gina-Maria in equestrian sports – is a Testament to great strength of spirit of all members of the family.”

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