Force India gave Renault a few tips on caring for Nico

Force India дала Renault несколько советов по уходу за Нико Хюлькенбергом

Team Force India in a joking manner gave Renault a few tips on caring for Nico.

The last three of the season the German played with the team from Silverstone, however, adopted a new calling – to move to the factory team Renault in 2017.

Given an adapted version of the letter to Renault, Force India, which was published in the Twitter of the team Vijay Malia.

“Please take care of this pilot. Thank you.

He answers to the name Niko, and in life it is also called “the Hulk.” It is very important to our family, but now it’s time for him to become independent.

Nico is a friendly and nice guy, but there are a few simple rules to follow to take care of him:

1) don’t feed it at night;
2) don’t wet it. It was a joke. He’s actually good on a wet track;
3) despite the fact that the similarities may be striking, in no case do not compare him with johnny Bravo (if you do it, let us know his reaction)”.

Recall that Hulkenberg spent in the Force India 79 GP, which scored 289 points.

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