ELMS: Greaves Team – champion 2015

The pilots of the team Greaves Bjorn Wirdheim, Gary Hirsch and John Lancaster became Champions of the European series of Le Mans after finishing second in the season finale in Estoril.

Winning qualified the team Jota came out in leaders of the championship, ahead of two points of their rivals from Greaves, and the chances for the title remains before the race is also the duet TDS Louis Badea and Pierre Tiree.

For ignoring yellow flags in qualifying, the judges annulled the lap John of Lancaster, so the second line of the Protocol, its crew dropped to tenth. And while Wirdheim made his breakthrough, Albuquerque quietly went into the lead from Badia at the start of the race.

But the chances of a team Jota for the title came to naught when, after an hour and 18 minutes after the start of the race over the track was a torrential downpour. Changing partner, Dolan tried to overtake in the struggle for leadership of the Russians Viktor Shaitar, but at the time of the attack there was a small contact wheels, with the result that Gibson 015S Nissan skidded and the car went off into the gravel.

Despite the fact that the car returned to the track and Dolan continued to fight behind in the circle from the leader, the initiative has completely passed to the Greaves team, which is on track at the time was Hirsch.

Future Champions first came to terms with the loss of leadership in the race, and then they had still to serve his sentence in the form of travel in the pit lane with a stop in the pits for what Hirsch during a pit-stop too early unbuckled seat belts. But his successor, Lancaster safely reached the finish line in second place, ensuring that the crew title.

Newcomer TDS Nicolas Lapierre drove brilliantly double cut in the rain and on a drying track, bringing the team a victory.

Good job Mikhail Aleshin, Kirill Ladygin and Viktor Shaitar driving BR01 allowed the SMP crew to get on the podium with the third result, and Gary Tincknell brought the team Jota fourth place. Another Russian crew, Mediani/Markozov/Minassian in Estoril showed the fifth result.

At the end of the season Wirdheim, Hirsch and Lancaster became Champions, ahead by two points Badea and Tiree, while the crew of Jota scored two points less and be content with a common third result.

Other categories

Team Marc VDS was the winner in the GTE standings, with special credit for this belongs to Andy Priaulx, brilliantly passed its own part in difficult conditions.

Although initially all went to the crew winning JMW Motorsport Ferrari when Rory butcher drove a great first cut, but as soon as he was replaced by James Calado, there were problems with the oil pressure in the gearbox.

Despite the victory of the crew Priaulx, Jesse Crown and Henry Hassid, this result was not enough to win the title, as johnny Laursen, Mikkel Max and Andrea Rizzoli in a relaxed manner passed the whole of the race, finishing fifth, which was enough for victory at the end of the season.

Thanks to the second place in the standings GTC crew TDS – Franck Perera, Dino Lunardi and Eric Dermont – he won the title in 2015. And Ilya Melnikov together with teammates, as AF Corse’s Marco Cioci and Cardio Rhoda won the final race in Estoril in its class.

In the LMP3 category, the victory was celebrated by Michael Simpson and Gaetan Palatino, but it could not affect the fight for the title, which early went to their respective partners for LNT, Charlie Robertson and Chris Hoy.

ELMS: Команда Greaves - чемпион 2015 года

Race results – 137 laps
POS. KL. Pilots Team/Car Time/RET.
1. P2 Tire/Tubs/Lapierre Thiriet ORECA-Nissan 4:00.01,077
2. P2 Hirsch/Windham/Lancaster Gibson Greaves-Nissan +1.15,677
3. P2 Aleshin/K. Ladygin/Shaitar AF BR-Nissan +1.36,090
4. P2 Dolan/Albuquer/Tincknell JOTA Gibson-Nissan Range -1
5. P2 Mediani/Markozov/Minassian AF BR-Nissan Range -1
6. P2 Joon Jin/de Bruin Eurasia ORECA-Nissan -2 circle
7. P2 Lunemann/Winslow/Kind Algarve Ligier-Nissan -6 laps
8. P2 Krohn/Jonsson/PLA Krohn Ligier-Judd -6 laps
9. GTE The Priaulx/Hassid/CZK Marc VDS BMW -8 laps
10. GTE Howard/Adam/McDowell Aston Martin -9 laps
11. GTE Wainwright/Carroll/Keane Gulf Porsche UK -9 laps
12. GTE Cameron/Griffin/Scott AF Ferrari -9 laps
13. GTE Lorsen/Mac/Rizzoli Formula Ferrari -10 laps
14. P3 Simpson/Pallet The LNT Ginetta-Nissan -10 laps
15. GTE Talkanitsa-article/Talkanitsa Jr./Pierre Guidi AT Ferrari -10 laps
16. P3 Trolle/Findlay/Akkari Graff Ligier-Nissan -11 laps
17. P3 Hoi/Robertson The LNT Ginetta-Nissan -12 laps
18. GTC Sort Of/Melnikov/Cioci AF Ferrari -12 laps
19. GTC Perera/Lunardi/German TDS BMW -12 laps
20. GTC Rasmussen/Barreiros/Hedis AF Ferrari -12 laps
21. GTC Flor/Castellacci/Hall AF Ferrari -13 laps
22. GTC Joluk/Hanky/Staneva TF Aston Martin -14 laps
23. P3 Calco/Fuster/Matikiti SVK Ginetta-Nissan -14 laps
24. GTE Mann/Giammaria/Cresson AF Ferrari -15 laps
25. GTE Individuals/Ash/Reed Proton Porsche -37 laps
Not classified:  
  P2 Burton/Lyons/Patterson Murphy ORECA-Nissan 111 laps
  GTC El’gaard/Poulsen/Moller Massive Aston Martin 82 circle
  GTE Smith/Butcher/Kalado JMW Ferrari 69 laps
  P3 The Lakort/Sernagiotto Cetilar Villorba Ginetta-Nissan 46 circles
  P2 Russell/Chang/Coleman Pegasus Morgan-Nissan 9 circles


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