Gary Paffett about the accident at Norisring: I was very lucky

Гэри Паффетт об аварии на Норисринге: Мне крупно повезло

Pilot Mercedes DTM Gary Paffett commented on the terrible accident in the second race on Norisring, reports

Mike Rockenfeller injured, but hopes to perform at Moscow Raceway

Before braking at the entrance to the first turn, Paffett lost control of his Mercedes C63, trying to overtake Jamie green. This led to the fact that Gary at high speed crashed into the bumper, and then the uncontrollable car flew into Mike Rockenfeller.

The race was immediately stopped, and both pilots immediately after the accident was taken to the medical center.

“I’m fine, said Paffett in comments to the German TV channel ARD. – As a result of the accident, I got a few bruises, but overall OK. I think this is a favorable outcome, if you look at how awful collision.

I want to thank the engineers who design a safe car.

X-rays found no fractures. Only bruised ribs and all. When I told the doctors, at what speed did the accident happen, they were very surprised that I managed to avoid injuries.

I admit, I was very lucky. When I was in the car during the collision, it seemed that the time stretches endlessly. When it was over, I sat in the car for a minute to gather my thoughts and realize that everything is fine with me. Everything could have ended much worse.”

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