Exclusive interview with Renee Rust

Эксклюзивное интервью с Рене Растом

Rene Rast – racer with an incredible experience of playing in a very large number of different racing classes. In each category he was making progress. Was no exception and a series DTM, in which sometimes the pilot gets to adapt a lot of time. But rené Rast in the first full season in the DTM has won two, and the second on the Moscow Raceway, after which he gave an exclusive interview . At the moment the Stretch is in second place in the championship, behind Ekström only one point.

Renee, you have a great experience of performances in the various Championships you played in the cups VW, Seat, Porsche, these high categories, LMP1, LMP2, GT, and almost everywhere you have won. Now you’re in the DTM, and we all know that it is quite a tough League – not everyone is immediately obtained, but here you are with the first season began to win, how do you do it?

René Rast: of Course, the DTM is really a special car. It is the behavior closest to the car of the Formula 3. So I had to learn to understand how fast to go (Rene Rast was not performed in the Formula 3, immediately after the Formula BMW he moved on to the body of the race – approx. Vladimir Bashmakov).

But our team Rosberg and the guys from Audi Sport helped me learn quickly how to fly this machine. Besides, we have a good simulator, and a great team supporting me. This greatly helped me, and due to this, it was easier to adapt to the car.

Sometimes you’re still in different weekends transplanted from one machine to another and spending the race in the championship Blancpain GT, soon you will participate in the race 24 hours of Spa, and you’re always quick. Helping you experience what you’ve piloted a lot of different cars during my career?

Эксклюзивное интервью с Рене Растом

R. R.: Yes. This year I am a little relieved, because it is only about two or three cars. In addition to DTM, I also join in some races the GT3 to the R8, and I spent a few races in America on the LMP2 car, so I had to adapt to three cars, and last year it was five or six cars, and was more difficult.

But I think that in this matter I will definitely helps that I played in a large number of different Championships, and every year I had to adapt my driving style again and again.

Do you think DTM is finally the tournament where you will stay for a long time? This is the most exciting racing game in which you have performed in recent years, along with the same WEC?

R. R.: Yes, it is definitely the most difficult championship where I played. This is a challenging series, there is very little margin in the qualifications – you should always achieve the maximum range and that you had the perfect machine. Therefore, it is one of the most difficult Championships, where exceptionally good pilots, they are true professionals, and if I can stay here for a few years, it will be good.

If you have the opportunity, you yourself still would like to do some races in GT3?

R. R.: I love to perform in long races such as Spa 24 hours or the 24 hours of nürburgring, there is always a very interesting battle, but necessary measure – if you spend too much racing GT, it will hinder me in the DTM, so you need the right balance.

Эксклюзивное интервью с Рене Растом
Rene Rast, 2016, the WEC 6 hours race of the nürburgring

In fact, the DTM cars and LMP2 are placeholders. What is their main difference from the point of view of piloting?

R. R.: a DTM Car is very light, she has a solid aerodynamics, and it is closer to the car of the Formula 3, while, for example, the GT3 is mostly a road car on slicks, it is much harder.

As for LMP2, there is this year a lot more power, and the level clamping force is comparable with DTM. But for the DTM and LMP2 requires a completely different style of piloting.

The LMP2 cars are not such a good balance. Need much more to fight with the machine, and it’s not very good, you can’t bring as much speed into the turn as in a car DTM. But in the DTM you have, on the contrary, very good balance, and you can very quickly take turns. In LMP2 it is necessary to apply some aspects of the driving style of cars GT.

It is sometimes said that in DTM the ratio of engine power and downforce pressure too much. And so you need to actually bring a lot of speed into the turn, as there is less you can rely on the power at the exit of the bend, which caused confusion among some drivers.

R. R.: Yes, I agree. There is another ratio of aerodynamics and power than any other thuringowa machine, but I think that the series on the right track, because this year cut the aerodynamics and added power, so that in the future they will make another step in this direction.

When you’re in a LMP2 or GT, you have to compromise on settings with partners…

R. R.: In the DTM, I can customize the machine for themselves, and there has to find a compromise that is not always easy. It depends on riding style and are you happy with the car. There is no problem if you and your partner happy with the car and want her for the same. And if not, then you have to compromise.

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