BMW and Mercedes are dissatisfied with the tactics of Audi in the DTM race at Moscow Raceway

BMW и Mercedes недовольны тактикой Audi в гонке DTM на Moscow Raceway

Mercedes and BMW has criticized the tactics of team Audi in the Sunday race at Moscow Raceway.

Four riders headed Marco Wittmann drove into the pits, after which they lag leveled at the expense of the safety car, and they came forward when the others went into the pits.

However, Nico müller remained on the road, holding the other to his teammate Mattias ekström caught up with the leaders.

“Nico müller was blocked by the others. In Cycling, these are called Wassertrager [literally: the water pot; translated from German.] is the one who helps teammates – said the boss of BMW Jars Marquardt in an interview with AUTOSPORT. And he coped with the task.

Fans want to see a fair fight wheel to wheel, and not a strategic game. I believe that the people that pay the money, but not for me to decide.”

Gerhard Berger has criticised the team tactics Audi at Moscow Raceway

Mercedes boss Ulrich Fritz added: “we have to answer the question: we want to play chess or chase? Mueller deliberately held back guys. Maro was lucky, he won, but the guys from BMW [Wittmann and Tom Blomqvist] lost a lot of positions. The same could happen to us.”

The reigning world champion Wittmann is confident that his race was ruined Muller.

“Audi has decided to slow us down – me, Maro and the others, leaving Mueller on the track, said Wittmann, who finished sixth. – His actions were clear: he was slowing us down in a fast and mid speed turns. I think it has nothing to do with a fair fight.

I’m very disappointed because we could have won. They [Audi] are actually destroyed my race.”

BMW и Mercedes недовольны тактикой Audi в гонке DTM на Moscow Raceway

Audi acknowledged that Muller’s strategy was extreme, however, questioned the speed of those who were behind.

“The strategy he had to stay as long as possible on the track, said Audi boss Dieter Gass. He was walking at their own pace, so I’m not sure the riders behind was faster. At some point Wittmann proved to be outside the DRS zone.

It was an extreme strategy, but it paid off very exciting race.”

Muller himself admitted that he controlled the tempo: “I knew that in the long run, so beach tires. Of course, I didn’t want to lose the position. I have only two or three times closed gate on the line, and they were in the zone of the DRS, but did not pass me.”

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