Gerhard Berger 18 cars is the absolute minimum for DTM

Герхард Бергер: 18 машин – это абсолютный минимум для DTM

The new Chairman of the Board of organizers of the DTM Gerhard Berger believes that the reduction in the number of cars to 18 in 2017 is the absolute minimum that can afford German touring car championship.

In the upcoming season of Audi, BMW and Mercedes will exhibit six vehicles. The last time 18 cars on the starting field was in 2011, before in the DTM returned to BMW.

“18 cars at the start – it may be fine, but, in my opinion, is the absolute minimum, – quotes the AUTOSPORT Berger. In the future I would like to see on the grid more participants. However, I think we are waiting for interesting season. This should contribute to changes in regulations.

During the season we carefully analyze the actual state of the series and then discuss with the manufacturers course for the coming years.

It is very important to consider what the fans want, and to act in the interests of the sport”.

Since the revival of the series in 2000, DTM has never been more than three manufacturers. Berger admits that even while potential new members there.

“If we continue to build on the platform of the DTM, the series will become interesting for other manufacturers. I’m sure of it. But at the moment no concrete negotiations is not,” added the Austrian.

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